Wealth Management

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Mr Damon Adendorff
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Wealth Management

We have entered into an exclusive agreement with Sable Private Wealth Management. We can introduce you to an advisor who can help you with all aspects of your financial planning needs. They are committed to bringing a new era of financial services to foreign nationals based in the UK.

Your tax status, mobility and specific attitudes require niche planning. Sable Private Wealth Management focuses on helping you earn, save and invest your money as efficiently as possible.

What can Sable Private Wealth Management do for you?

  • Optimise your earnings through tax reduction. Particularly if you have flexibility in the manner in which you are paid.
  • Maximise the various UK tax breaks and allowances. (ISA‘s, Pensions, Capital Gains etc)
  • Tailor a low cost diversified investment portfolio around your specific needs. Incorporating a diversified set of assets classes (equity, bonds, property, hedge funds, commodities etc).
  • Help ‘Expats‘ structure their individual finances to make full use of the UK‘s very favourable non domicile tax status.
  • For those with limited companies. Optimise the way in which income is paid out and retained earnings are released.
  • Asset structuring for those moving back to their home country, particularly if intending to leave savings/investments in the UK.
  • Source mortgages for foreigners and individuals both in the UK and abroad. We have expertise in sourcing properties and mortgages for foreigners with unusual cases.
  • Assess your individual insurance cover needs, taking into consideration cost, flexibility and mobility.
  • Create a full financial plan covering your short, medium and long term requirements.

The above may seem a little overwhelming, but it will certainly help to discuss your personal circumstances in more detail with our financial advisor, Luke White. To enable Luke to assess your financial standing more efficiently, please complete our wealth management assessment. Alternatively, you can contact him on one of the following:

  • Email: lwhite@sablewealth.com
  • Mobile: +44 (0) 784 989 6588
  • Landline: +44 (0) 207 759 5535

Sable Private Wealth Management Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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